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Our Team

The Kipchamgaa staff lovingly make all this possible.

Our team of support staff includes a Social Service Manager,  house mothers, a child support counselor, security, a gardener and a cook, who lovingly support the children 24 hours a day.
As you can imagine 45 children from challenging circumstance, sees our team sometimes reaching into the depths of the hearts as humanities suffering is something they are exposed to everyday.

Tending to the children's every need, making sure there is everything from food on the table, to toilet training, consoling  the children to sleep when they have nightmares; their commitment, love and support puts a smile on the face and heals the hearts of all these little people.

Meet Edgar

Edgar is a long time supporter of Kipchamgaa, he is on the Board Of Trustee's and oversees the Management of the home. 


His love and commitment to enhancing the lives of the local children in distress, combined with his expertise as a Management Consultant adds strength to the running of the home. 


His career spans over 20 years having served at James Finlay Kenya Limited, Kericho and at Karen Roses Ltd, Nairobi.


Edgar is a member of the Institute of Directors K Ltd (IOD), Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), Professional Trainers of Kenya (PTAK).

Stella's Story

LOVE IN ACTION is just one way to describe Stella, who was the house mother at Kipchamgaa since it's conception when it was an old 4 bedroom cottage housing 45 children, Stella and her 2 children. 

In 1997 Stella a young woman with 2 children discovered her husband had HIV. 

When Stella's husband died her test results came back clear and she didn't know how but she just knew she would make it through, she trusted in herself, she said repeatedly 'I trusted and I knew it.'

She decided she wanted to be a mother to the motherless children, not a helper, or volunteer, but a mother.

She was offered a job by a local pastor to be the house mother at a home he was setting up, which is now known as Kipchamgaa and so it is she became a mother to many, many motherless children for over 20 years.

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