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A man with a big heart!

Meet Erling, from the outset, when Erling and Klaus visited the original home in Kericho, their hearts went out to the plight of the children. But equally, they were amazed by the resilience and wonderful spirits of everyone in the home, and they decided that they would pledge their support for this really deserving cause. Klaus has since retired, but Omniflora, the Company that he had managed for many years, has continued to provide support.  


Erling, through his Norwegian-based Company Mester Grønn, has continued to provide an amazing level of support for the Home and of course, the children. Every year he and his staff have made very generous donations of clothing and gifts, particularly at Christmas, but the new Home would never have been built and maintained without Erling’s big heart! With his financial support the land was purchased and construction of the new home began. Every year he has pledged to cover by far the majority of the operating costs of the Home, and this has seen the Home develop from such humble beginnings in a rented house to a fully functional, warm and safe environment that the children can call their home.

Our Administration

The Omniflora Mester Gronn Trust

The Trust is the umbrella organisation that receives almost all of the funding; making sure the home is run in accordance with the objectives of the Trust and ensuring that all monies received are utilized in a totally transparent and accountable manner.


Almost all of the funds are required to cover the day to day running costs of the home, employing the staff and taking care of the children.


The Trustees 


  • Erling Olstad

  • Jens Kramer

  • Nev Davies

  • Edgar Mutai

  • John Mburu

  • Ruben Langat

These gentlemen donate their time and business expertise to ensure good governance , integrity and ethics are upheld.

Creating Models of Care

Kipchamgaa has been contributed to creating a ‘Curriculum in Care Protection for Children’ in conjunction with Pwani University and KICD (Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development).


The training includes 48 members from across Kenya and aims to build best business practice in relationship to; Transparency, Management, Individual Care and Exit plans for each child.

The project also includes;


  • The Children’s Department of Care and Protection

  • Legal Justice 

  • Police

  • Nutritional Experts

  • Medical Doctors.

We are honored to be proactive and participate in this project to ensure safe practice in the child care service nationally.


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