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Kiochamgaa Childrens Home


Nev currently works as a Corporate Agribusiness and Strategic Alliance Consultant and Mediator. He has over 30 years of experience building sustainable businesses in developing nations. Working with Corporations, Government and Communities in business, sustainability, community development and development of local economies.


Coupled with his operational responsibilities as Group Plantation Director for Finlays with a workforce of in excess of 20,000 people, responsibility extended to the development of schools, hospitals, clinics, community outreach programs, research programs and building strong relationships with local and national governments.


He sits on the Board of Africado Ltd, Tanzania and is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Omniflora Mester Gronn Trust which is the major sponsor of the Kipchamgaa Childrens Home in Kericho, Kenya.


He previously held the position of Plantation Director on the Board of James Finlay Ltd UK (Kenya, Uganda and Sri Lanka), James Finlay (Kenya) Ltd, The Tea Board of Kenya, Kenya Flower Council, Carzan Flowers Ltd, The Bamboo Trading Company, Hapugestenne Plantations Ltd (Sri Lanka), Udapussalawa Plantations Ltd (Sri Lanka), and the Rwenzori Highlands Tea Company (Uganda)





Michelle Richmond

With a background in Mind Body Medicine, Michelle is an agent of change who creates a sustainable impact on the lives of the people she works with, whether it be the homeless, the poverty stricken or the Corporate CEO.


Her previous experience as CEO of the Asher Institute of Integrative Medicine combined with her clinical expertise gives her a deepened understanding of the importance of Integrative Medicine to create sustainable change in a person’s health and life.


She now lives in Kenya and spreads seeds of change around the globe as she runs her programs via the internet. She has trained with the world’s leading Mind-Body and Energy Psychology practitioners.


She is also a presenter on the 2011 movie” You Can Heal Cancer NOW” and the author of “Talk Doesn’t Cook Rice”. Her previous Board experience includes the Asher Institute of Integrative Medicine and the Neuro Development Research Foundation.    


Read More about Michelles Training Programs HERE



Tina Clark is a finance broker, based in Sydney Australia. She is passionate about supporting children to realise their potential. For the last 3 years she has been a mentor in the Wesley Aunties and Uncles Program and was recently accepted as a Mentor for Youth off the Streets.


Tina is currently the Director of 2 Companies and a Shareholder in another. Throughout the years Tina has been involved in many organisations, Treasurer of the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President at Business & Professional Women (BPW) Sydney, Treasurer of BPW NSW.


In June 2015 while on a holiday in Kenya, Tina had the opportunity to visit the Kipchamgaa Children’s Home. The Home made an impression on her, she spent time playing with the children and finding out more about social systems of Kenya (or lack thereof). When she returned to Australia she was determined to do something to help the children and give them a chance in life.


Phoebe Richmond works in Real Estate in Neutral Bay, Sydney. Having run her own business at the age of 19, passion and drive is who she is, which spills into her commitment to make an impact in areas of animal welfare, health, the environment and those living in circumstances less fortunate than herself.


Phoebe sees all these arenas as connected, with one intrinsically affecting the other and the sustainability of the planet, hence her support in setting up effective, replicate-able models of care for the children at Kipchamgaa supports her vision to make an impact for a better future.

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