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Is to raise much needed funds for the children of Kipchamga Children's Home in Kenya.

The Michelle Richmond Foundation is in partnership with Primus Care PLC, one of the UK's leading Care Home specialists for children and the elderly.

We invite you to connect and share in the journey to raise funding to house another 40 children in desperate need of shelter and loving care. Join us by taking part and
climbing everyman's Everest; the world's  highest freestanding mountain, Kilimanjaro.

A natural wonder of the world that one must see.

A Purpose to LoveKilimanjaro Climb

A BIG BIG Thank you!


The Kilimanjaro Team of 8 wonderful people raised 7000 pounds to create safe passage for more children to be taken off the streets.

On behalf of the children of the future we thank Lindsey Taylor and his team for their loving and courageous effort.

Blessings and thank you from all the Board and Management at Kipchamgaa


Recommended Climb
(By Henry Stedman. No.1 Best Selling Author of Climb Kilimanjaro)

“8-day Alternative Lemosho Route. It is, in my opinion, the route with the best forest for the first day or so; the best views and scenery once you leave the forest; it takes you away from the crowds that are on some other trails, choosing instead to opt for quiet paths away from the crowds and the noise; and because it is the longest route, so it gives you more time to acclimatise - and thus it also has the highest success rate of any on the mountain.”

1 IT's GOING TO BE AMAZING!  You will make a HUGE difference in the lives of children who will one day be the future of Kenya.

2 Fun, adventure and achievement. We will climb the easiest of the seven Summits.
 No need for ropes, mountain gear, or climbing experience. The youngest person
to reach the summit was 7 and the eldest was 83.  That does not mean Kilimanjaro
is risks-free. Rockslides and acute altitude sickness kill ten climbers on average each
year so an experienced guide is recommended.

3 The mountain is renowned for Inspiring transformation. It is a place for visions to happen and for us to learn to step out and do the impossible.

4 One of the world's greatest natural wonders: a snow covered mountain on the equator,
an ocean of green forest surrounded by dry savannah. Climbing Kilimanjaro is like
walking from the equator to the North Pole in a week. Its high altitudes have created
habitat for strange and unique life.

5 Great for your fitness and health.

6 Climbing Kilimanjaro contributes to a thriving local economy.

7 Easily accessible for a remote location. Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania, just south of the equator, next to the Serengeti. Regular flights fly nonstop from Europe to the Kilimanjaro airport.

8 Surprisingly pristine. Kilimanjaro is a hot spot for studying climate change.
“You can stand next to the ice and see the glaciers turning to vapor before your eyes.”

9 To do something for a worthy cause outside of ourselves.

10 Because we really need your help!


Christopher Bateman - Primus PLC founder, International entrepreneur and CEO of a group of  investment and management companies, which operate in the UK, Europe, UAE and Sri Lanka. He is also an associate director and investor of Sri Lankan stock exchange.

Lindsey John Taylor - is a UK property business owner, investor, international DJ / producer and lover of adventure and life. With two children of his own aged 2 and 4 his purpose is for children to live their greatness. He believes children are the real future to creating a more conscious world. By helping them live from their hearts and true authentic nature they can become the predominate creative force for impacting society in a much more positive way.



Contact US

Michelle   +254 700 937 017
Lindsey                       +44  793 0977 184
Chris          +44 7815 674011

Climb Kili For


Download Trip Details PDF -  HERE

Michelle Richmond - is a Change Agent who creates a sustainable impact on the lives of the people she works with. Whether it be the homeless, the poverty stricken or the Corporate CEO she embodies an empathy that makes it safe for people to open their hearts and minds to aspects of themselves they didn't know existed. Her previous experience as C.E.O. of the Asher Institute of Integrative Medicine combined with her clinical expertise sees her noted for her presentations to such companies as The Royal Australasian College of Physicians, KCI Medical, Vivo Insurance,  Australian Stock Exchange, Australian Sports Association, Queensland Education to name a few.




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