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"All kids need is a little help, a little hope

and someone to believe in them"

Join our Global Family

Kipchamgaa Children’s Home currently provides a loving home and education for 45 children who were neglected, abused, exploited, traumatised, discriminated against or abandoned.​


Within minutes of walking through the door, the children stole my heart. The love and quality of care is instantly obvious through the radiant smiles and glowing eyes.


Supporting The Board of Kipchamgaa to provide safe and loving passage for these children feeds my heart and soul.


I invite you to connect, share their journey and be apart of this wave of loving change.

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You can Change a Child's Future Today

Watch your money transform a child’s life for the better, as you transform the heart of their future and break the cycle of poverty.

The children's stories stretch across all aspects of our humanity, from the worst, to the very best. From pain and suffering to absolute courage, extraordinary love, kindness and generosity.

You can support Kipchamgaa Children's Home in one of 2 ways:




  • By making a Direct Deposit into the Omni Flora Mester Gronn Trust, which provides administrative and financial support for the home


We are unique in that ALL Contributions & Donations go DIRECTLY to support the children and the maintenance of the home.


There are no fees , middle men, corporate or PR budgets to funnel money away from this objective.


If you would like to visit and see your money at work contact us

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Contact us

If you are inspired to be a apart of the Kipchamgaa Global Family or just touch base with us, we'd love to hear from you. 

Tel: +254 722 710 086

P.O. Box 1057 

Kilifi, Kenya 80108

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